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Tipping Point Partner Bob Rajewski Partners With City of Greensburg and Counselors of Real Estate To

Bob Rajewski, a partner at Tipping Point, has joined forces with the Counselors of Real Estate in an innovative collaboration aimed at revitalizing the downtown area of Greensburg PA. Using customized online survey tools along with conducting over 55 in person interviews of key stakeholders, the team crafted a path forward for bringing vibrancy back to the City’s Main Street area.

This visionary initiative demonstrates Tipping Point's commitment to educating and empowering communities by providing them with the necessary financial tools and insights to achieve their desired outcomes.

As part of a prestigious group of national commercial real estate experts, Rajewski recently embarked on a tour of prominent properties that if re-imagined could unlock economic growth within the City’s business district. This endeavor is a project led by the National Association of Realtors (NAR), in collaboration with the Counselors of Real Estate, and Rajewski stands as one of only six members of the NAR selected for this crucial mission.

During the tour, Rajewski worked closely with local stakeholders, civic leaders, and industry professionals to envision a dynamic future for Greensburg's use of real estate. They meticulously explored the question, "Where do the leaders of Greensburg need to focus their energies on economic development?"

Regarding his involvement in this transformative project, Bob Rajewski stated, "I am honored to collaborate with the City of Greensburg and the Counselors of Real Estate to unlock the untapped potential within the downtown area. By harnessing our collective knowledge and resources, we aim to inspire community leaders, drive innovation, and secure the funding required to overcome the financial obstacles associated with redeveloping properties whose value falls short."

Bob Rajewski's objectives extend beyond the mere assessment of vacant properties. Drawing upon his vast experience in real estate financial forecasting and capital stack formations, he strives to foster unity among community leaders, encouraging collaboration and cooperation. His expertise along with the CRE team members will be instrumental in devising creative strategies to bridge funding gaps, ensuring that even the most challenging redevelopment projects receive the necessary financial support.

The “dream” team also included Jackie Buhn, Principal, AR Spruce LLC; Dennis Davis, Senior Deputy Director, Boston Planning & Dev Agency; Bob Dietrich, Senior Vice President, Kidder Mathews; H. Blair Kincer, former Partner at Novogradac & Co.; and Samantha DeKoven, Director of Public Service Initiatives, The Counselors of Real Estate.

Tipping Point, as an organization, remains committed to its core values of empowering communities, fostering economic growth, and sharing knowledge with aspiring leaders. Through Bob Rajewski's partnership with the City of Greensburg and the Counselors of Real Estate, Tipping Point reaffirms its dedication to driving positive change, revitalizing downtown spaces, and laying the groundwork for a vibrant and prosperous future.

This story has been covered extensively, locally by the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review and nationally by Yahoo!. Stay tuned for more!


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