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27 W Federal Place
Youngstown, OH

Youngstown Flea
Youngstown, OH

BRITE Energy Innovators 
Warren, OH

Memphis & Pearl 

Old Brooklyn, OH

Historic 1400 Market 
Wheeling, WV

Wheeling Gateway Center
Wheeling, WV

Clay School
Wheeling, OH

27 W Federal Place
Youngstown, OH

Austin Caylor, Project Manager


Wittenburg University, Springfield OH

Bachelor of Arts in Entrepreneurship

About Austin:

Austin's versatile professional background has equipped him with a wealth of skills that transcend industries and connect people from various walks of life. His genuine passion for forging connections and bridging gaps is evident not only in his career achievements but also in his commitment to community development. With a proven track record in executive leadership and strategic planning, Austin brings a wealth of experience in spearheading innovative business methodologies and principles. His collaborative and relationship-driven nature, combined with a dynamic yet approachable personality, empowers him to effectively communicate and uplift those around him. Austin's strategic acumen, coupled with his analytical expertise, consistently propels him to surpass performance goals by aligning talents and resources with organizational objectives.


Austin embarked on his professional journey as a Property and Project Manager, showcasing his dedication to optimizing real estate investments. He managed an impressive portfolio of 220 units spanning 44 properties, displaying his adeptness in tenant relations, maintenance coordination, and rent management. As a lead project manager, he oversaw transformational rehabilitation projects, further solidifying his reputation as a strategic thinker and results-driven professional.


Transitioning to the mortgage lending sector, Austin's role as a Mortgage Loan Specialist showcased his dedication to client success and his ability to navigate complex financial processes. His leadership was evident as he guided clients through mortgage approvals and fostered relationships with internal and external stakeholders to streamline operations.


Austin's journey to Tipping Point was driven by his personal connection to his hometown of Salem, Ohio, and his unwavering belief in community-driven development. He recognized the potential to bring life back to stagnating communities, echoing his mission to foster growth and possibility. Within Tipping Point, Austin seizes every project with the pasion he would for his hometown, ensuring transformative impacts.


Austin Caylor's exceptional journey mirrors a blend of professional expertise and an unyielding commitment to community empowerment. His trajectory from property management to mortgage lending has uniquely positioned him to excel at Tipping Point, where his skills converge to create tangible change in underdeveloped communities. His dedication to both his personal mission and Tipping Point's values is propelling him towards a future where he can harness his talents to uplift his own hometown, echoing the very principles he champions.

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