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Our mission is to unlock a neighborhood’s highest potential through real estate development.


We want people to live in a place filled with possibility. 

We will change the commercial real estate experience. 


Most who have experienced commercial real estate will often tell us how fragmented, confusing and stressful the process can be.  It’s true - the real estate development process has several moving parts which require dozens of professionally licensed companies to work in sync to execute the ultimate vision.   


Commercial real estate is one of the most expensive, challenging and important investments one can make. Yet, there seems to be a high barrier of entry to acquire the knowledge to execute a project, with little innovation to streamline it.  



We can only conclude the market is flooded with people using copy-cat methodologies focused on “getting deals done” through their “expertise.” This leaves the client feeling powerless and confused, instead of vested with confidence throughout the project process.  

We do things differently.

Tipping point is dedicated to changing the landscape of real estate development by leading each project with unwavering integrity, which we know is a refreshingly different experience in commercial real estate.  


Our principles are woven into the fabric of our customer experience and project process. We believe high-impact, transformational commercial real estate projects are only possible by establishing trust among all stakeholders.


our Team

bob rajewski

Bob excels at identifying issues within complex real estate assets, dissecting them, and formulating strategies to resolve them through innovative and market-based solutions. He has proven success in all sides of the commercial real estate process: lending, appraising, project managing, leasing, and capital structuring. Bob’s dedication to the job has allowed him to develop a high level of specialized expertise, maintain respect among peers, and remain successful through all endeavors.

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Jim Ambrose

Jim’s diverse professional background has served him well in all areas of life, as he is truly passionate about making connections and bridging gaps, not only between different industries, but also between people from different walks of life. He’s highly effective in executive leadership and strategic planning with extensive experience pioneering modern business methodologies and principles. A collaborator and relationship builder by nature, Jim’s dynamic yet approachable personality allows him to effectively communicate and uplift others. Jim leverages a unique mix of strategic and analytical expertise, consistently exceeding performance goals by aligning talents and budget realities with organizational objectives.

Austin Caylor

Austin's versatile professional background has equipped him with a wealth of skills that transcend industries and connect people from various walks of life. His genuine passion for forging connections and bridging gaps is evident not only in his career achievements but also in his commitment to community development. With a proven track record in executive leadership and strategic planning, Austin brings a wealth of experience in spearheading innovative business methodologies and principles.

Austin Caylor.jpg

Grace Elash

A creative at work, as well as at heart, Grace excels at finding harmony in the disparate and giving abstract ideas a narrative structure. Her diverse set of skills in creative writing, integrated marketing communications, and graphic design enable her to convey these narratives through a variety of mediums, tailoring each message to effectively reach its audience. Grace’s belief that even the most serious stories should be engaging and accessible in their delivery motivates her to give a dynamic voice to every project she works on. 

 Our Values 

Conceptual Renderings-BRITE_Workforce Training Concept.png


We have the heart of teachers and education is our most powerful tool throughout the development process. Our philosophy – if we empower our clients to understand each phase of the project, this will result in making the best decisions for long-term success. 


Honesty is the cornerstone of our company. We are authentic and trustworthy partners that create meticulous development plans that include clear timelines, project milestones and financial projections. We aren’t afraid to communicate challenges and realities any project will inevitably experience, as this is the first step in jointly finding a solution. 


The best ideas come from collaboration and the free exchange of information. Throughout the real estate development process, written documentation and graphics of the project are available for review, as we believe accessibility inspires confidence and accountability for all involved.


Innovation does not occur in a vacuum. By thinking big and leveraging all available resources, we unlock hidden potential that may seem impossible to most. We partner with community leaders, business owners, and residents to establish a development plan that promotes sustainable economic growth. It only takes one project to catalyze the revitalization of an entire neighborhood 


 Our Approach 

03. josh-hild-MKm84lbrzbw-unsplash.jpg



We immerse ourselves into your neighborhood to understand the economic and political landscapes, as well as what the community truly would like to work towards.  The documentation of a community’s aspirations of a better future, coupled with the demographical and market challenges, will always lead to untapped potential for your project.  We collaborate with you to maximize every opportunity for your building to reach its highest potential.



While authoring your project plan, we always work with you to bring in the best professionals to address the realities of your property. These are things like building codes, soil conditions, stormwater, hazardous materials, structural issues, etc. The investment in this step will help avoid unwanted surprises in the future. Lack of detailed information in the earliest stages of the project will lead to “change orders,” which can really disrupt your desired financial projections. 

07. john-macdonald-3jysTNYrv-I-unsplash .jpg
Drone Photo - 20 Federal.jpg



filling the gaps

We author several financial scenarios to determine how to best move the project forward, which factors in what we discover during the technical diligence process. Additional funding may be required beyond private capital investments to complete your project. Our team will explore public incentives available at federal, state and municipal level to fill any financial gaps that are identified. In some cases, it may not make sense to move a project forward without establishing a public / private partnership, and which we will help you negotiate.


following through

After the financial plan and funding sources are finalized, it is time to execute the project. Most investors prefer to have us remain on board throughout the design and construction process so that we can adjust the development plan and financial projections to account for any unexpected financial hurdles that may emerge. If necessary, we will pursue additional funding sources to ensure the project is completed. As a team we will remain nimble and ready to solve problems that inevitably occur.


 company culture 

People Working in Open Office

Do everything with AUTHENTICITY

FIND THE GOOD in everything, everyone, and every situation 

Overcome negativity through MEANINGFUL ACTION

Question everything, find the ABSOLUTE TRUTH 

RECOGNITION IS EARNED through measurable results

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