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Historic 1400 Market
Wheeling, WV

Wheeling Gateway Project

Wheeling, WV

Grace Elash, Marketing Coordinator


Point Park University

Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations and Advertising

About Grace:

A creative at work, as well as at heart, Grace excels at finding harmony in the disparate and giving abstract ideas a narrative structure. Her diverse set of skills in creative writing, integrated marketing communications, and graphic design enable her to convey these narratives through a variety of mediums, tailoring each message to effectively reach its audience. Grace’s belief that even the most serious stories should be engaging and accessible in their delivery motivates her to give a dynamic voice to every project she works on. 


As a student at Point Park University, Grace gained hands-on experience in the art of creative thinking, strategy, and execution through her work on several real-world public relations and advertising campaigns. She was able to further harness these skills as a Business Development Intern in the biotech sector, developing new branding and marketing solutions, managing digital marketing channels, and leading a head-to-toe website redesign.


Grace’s journey to Tipping Point was motivated by her desire to create change through community engagement and her passion for crafting messaging that matters. Raised in McKeesport, Pennsylvania, a city that has seen hardship in the wake of their collapsed steel industry, she is dedicated to facilitating the Tipping Point approach in communities that resemble her hometown. Believing that transformative change starts and ends with listening to the people who will be impacted by this change, Grace is eager to find solutions that enable people to see themselves reflected in their community landscape. 

Relevant Experience:

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