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What This Means:

We serve as the property owner’s consultant to strategize, facilitate, and manage the holistic real estate development process. This is the best option for an owner of real estate interested in learning and playing an active role in the development process.

When You Need It:

As early as possible in the project process - it is best to engage us when you are contemplating property development or repositioning assets. We can manage the execution of the project from start to finish. If you are a property owner or organization seeking capital or other outside development beyond our available capacity, we will also lead the procurement process to find the right team for your project such as architects, engineers, contractors, leasing brokers, banks, tax credit investors, etc.

How We Work Together + Fees:

We will customize a proposal suitable to the goals of your project, and are typically structured as a fixed fee, paid incrementally throughout the duration of the project. We will also offer hourly contracts for tasks that involve grant writing or coordination of an unpredictable number of meetings. In cases where we are hired to achieve a milestone or unlock a major capital infusion for your project, success fees may also be part of the proposal.



What This Means:

It is a total transformation of an existing property into something more beneficial to the current or future owner of the property. There are multiple ways to kickstart a project and we would serve as the lead until it is finished.

When You Need It:

If you believe a property could be better than it is today, a redevelopment is possible. If you are motivated to redevelop a property, but you lack the expertise, capital, or team of professionals to execute the project, you should contact us!

How We Work Together + Fees:

Since every property is unique, we structure these deals in a way that is most fair for all stakeholders involved. We will negotiate these terms together.




What This Means:

A holistic analysis of your property’s current and potential value with respect to the region or market in which it is situated. We will explore various building uses to maximize the potential value.

When You Need It:

If you have ever wondered whether your current or future commercial real estate assets are yielding the highest potential for you financially, it is best to hire an unbiased 3rd party like Tipping Point to help you. We will assess your current portfolio and will make recommendations for improvement, especially if your properties are under-performing in your region or market.

How We Work Together + Fees:

It is important that as the client, you are willing to learn and understand the financial realities behind any project. These conversations can be hard to have. Depending on your goals, we will structure a customized scope and offer a fixed fee proposal.

The Path to Transformative Change




What This Means:

We want to share our philosophy and process with anyone who is interested in sparking transformative change in the commercial real estate industry. We are willing to share our proprietary process with any individual or organization that seeks to empower others to catalyze economic development in their community.

When You Need It:

  • If you are interested in a career in commercial real estate, start here.

  • If you inherited commercial real estate, and have no experience in it, start here.

  • If you are an educational organization seeking to provide a commercial real estate experience to your students, start here.

  • If you are a non-profit or a foundation seeking to empower disadvantaged populations to participate in commercial real estate, start here.

How We Work Together:

We have established an efficient curriculum to empower anyone to facilitate the Tipping Point process of commercial real estate. Based on your educational goals, we will tailor our process into a structured curriculum for your students and clients to succeed in this industry.

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Capital restructuring

What This Means:

The process of formally identifying each funding source that will cover the total costs of your project. The industry commonly calls this the “capital stack.”

When You Need It:

If you are seeking public incentives, trying to close on a construction loan, or don't know how much money, we can help. In full transparency, we will need to assess and revise your development plan and financial model. This is because if your plan had worked for the market, then you would have already received an approval letter!

How We Work Together:

If you are seeking to complete your development with your own capital and a construction loan without public incentives, we structure these contracts as a fixed fee. In cases where you seek assistance to pursue public incentives, we typically work on an hourly and success fee basis.

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