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Relevant experience:

20 Federal Place
Youngstown, OH

Youngstown Flea
Youngstown, OH

57 Acre Park, Mixed Use Feasibility Development
Pittsburgh, PA

51 Bridge Street Tech Flex Conversion
Pittsburgh, PA

Historic 1400 Market 
Wheeling, WV

Blue Church
Wheeling, WV

Johnstown Distressed Asset Redevelopment Plan
Johnstown, PA

27 W Federal Place
Youngstown, OH

Jim Ambrose, President


Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute,

Bachelor of Architecture

About jim:

Jim’s diverse professional background has served him well in all areas of life, as he is truly passionate about making connections and bridging gaps, not only between different industries, but also between people from different walks of life. He’s highly effective in executive leadership and strategic planning with extensive experience pioneering modern business methodologies and principles. A collaborator and relationship builder by nature, Jim’s dynamic yet approachable personality allows him to effectively communicate and uplift others. Jim leverages a unique mix of strategic and analytical expertise, consistently exceeding performance goals by aligning talents and budget realities with organizational objectives.

After working as an architect, Jim realized his interests lied elsewhere and started working for a start-up technology company, LoyalTree. He was a pioneer of a new product that was integral in a $215 million acquisition of a company by Mastercard. As the third full-time executive member of the company, Jim was responsible for launching the company’s product, sales, customer support and project management departments from the ground up. After five years with the company, he moved onto the role of Director of Business Development at a Pittsburgh based architecture firm, Desmone. There, he developed a comprehensive plan to integrate new technologies and techniques into multiple departments (across three states), phases for implementation, and standards for operational efficiency. Jim led and developed their approach to challenge the traditional real estate development process by streamlining the architectural and interior design process across the life of a project, all while ethically raising public and private capital. Jim focused on maximizing the profitability of a potential real estate development, which then increased the probability for additional economic growth in the neighborhoods of projects. Doing this work allowed him to recognize the gaps within real estate development, and he had the motivation and support to create Tipping Point and provide the solutions to fill the gaps. Jim has developed the company culture and values to align with his very driven personal mission; to influence people to achieve their highest potential so that together, they may create a world filled with freedom and possibility. From tech and big data, to real estate development; Jim has proven to be irreplaceable through all his endeavors he contributes his talent to.

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