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Director of Innovation


We want people to live in a place filled with possibility.

Our company was founded to change the commercial real estate experience. Through its mission and values, Tipping Point exclusively works on high impact, transformative projects for communities, property owners, non-profits, start-up companies and local and state governments.

We do things differently.

Our unique formula to deliver transformative change throughout the entire commercial real estate development process allows us to partner with our clients from the earliest stage of an idea through construction completion. We navigate each step of the project journey with unwavering integrity, truth, and transparency.

We are in a constant mode of innovation.

To make a positive change in the commercial real estate industry, we invest heavily in the creation of our own technologies and products, which aim to streamline and simplify the commercial real estate development process.

We want to empower others to create a positive impact.

Teaching is a cornerstone of our company. We believe that if the Tipping Point methodology for project delivery is equally accessible to our team members, clients, and the public, transformative change is not just possible, but inevitable.


  • Ingenious problem-solver who thrives in a fast-paced environment and likes to be challenged

  • Risk-taker who learns from their mistakes

  • Individualistic, self-starter, who is willing to venture into the unknown

  • Proactive and driven to get things done

  • Fluent and lively communicator High energy and enthusiasm, with an entrepreneurial spirit to explore new frontiers

  • Independent, assertive, and self-confident

  • Ability to manage multiple priorities and take initiative

  • Competitive and driven to get things done

  • Comfortable with risk with a positive response to pressure

  • Authentically represent the Tipping Pont core values:

    o Teach

          o Truth

          o Transparency o Transform

  •  Flexibility and openness to work on a variety of assignments and roles, simultaneously

  • Active problem solver who is able to adapt when timelines and priorities change, no matter how difficult

  • Demonstrate control of organizational skills to manage multiple competing deadlines

  • Willingness to travel to project sites and clients’ places of business



  • The Director of Innovation is responsible for ensuring all of Tipping Point’s products, including the commercial real estate development process, are aligned with the organization’s mission, values, and strategic goals. As the steward of innovation, the candidate will drive strategic thinking and foster a culture of creativity. Responsibilities include spearheading new projects, identifying emerging trends, and collaborating with cross-functional teams to drive impactful change.

  • The ideal candidate in this role is expected to have a competitive drive to achieve results in a differentiating way, while also staying focused on the company’s key performance objectives, despite changing conditions. Since environmental and organizational conditions change rapidly, the work involves rapid ideation, and decisions that result in the implementation of practical, timely solutions.

  • The job requires a leadership style that is firm and goal oriented. However, the candidate must continually recognize that while they are adapting to changing conditions, they must also be able to motivate, train, and engage others in an enthusiastic way to implement solutions. Effective delegation to proven individuals may be necessary given the scope of the job, especially with routine and repetitive tasks. While independence is required, a sense of urgency, confidence to handle various challenges, and full commitment to realize effective systems through collaboration, is expected.


  • Represent the company mission and values in all external and internal communications

  • Possess a strong sense of urgency to achieve innovation goals within a dynamic

  • commercial real estate development landscape

  • Manage varied activities and oversee multiple innovation projects simultaneously, adeptly navigating a fast-paced environment.

  •  Drive a results-oriented approach to innovation, consistently generating new ideas and creatively solving challenges

  • Build rapport and foster relationships focused on achieving innovative results, effectively engaging the commitment of stakeholders

  • Demonstrate a problem-solving orientation without fear of taking on calculated risks in pursuit of innovation

  • Implement action-oriented and collaborative decision-making processes, adapting quickly to changing conditions

  • Exhibit extroverted, confident, and enthusiastic qualities, effectively influencing and persuading others to take innovative action

  • Promote collaboration centered on achieving tangible results, stimulating teamwork and collective innovation efforts

This is not an entry level position. The ideal candidate for this job is a professional who can demonstrate that they have created solutions to problems that others could not foresee.

Compensation will be uniquely determined by experience level of the applicant, and the volume of projects that Tipping Point has under contract at the time of employment.

Since Tipping Point’s process and approach to real estate is non-traditional and unique, all new hires begin on a 4-month contract period, which results in an offer for full time employment.

If you feel this role is a good fit for you, send a resume to - with ‘YOUR NAME – Director of Innovation’ in the subject line.

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