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Petra Power


Petra Power


Solon, Ohio



development budget:



13, 041 sq

building uses:

Petra Power HQ


Petra Power was founded by Aaron Goodman and Phillip Clift in 2017, and has been operating out of the BRITE Energy Incubator in Warren, Ohio since early 2018. BRITE is a facility that provides energy startups with in-house business development resources.

The company’s goal is to improve efficiency of fossil fuel usage and to lower its customers’ fuel costs and carbon emissions by leveraging its patented technology as the central power component in power systems for a variety of applications. The advantages of SOFCs include lower fuel costs, fuel flexibility, decreased weight and size, long-term stability, and efficiency.


Petra Power is one of BRITE's first portfolio companies to expand their operations outside of BRITE's incubator space. Petra Power is also one of the first start-ups, raised and incubated in Northeast Ohio, to commit its headquarters to the region instead of locating into a different market. In Q4 2022, Goodman and co-founder Phillip Clift were awarded a federal contract to further develop the Company's technology and expand its manufacturing presence in Northeast Ohio.


Tipping Point credits the close collaboration between the City of Solon’s Economic Development and Building Departments, Petra Power’s broker, Aaron Davis from SVN Summit, design team, Desmone, Tec Inc, Barber Hoffman, CEC, as well as contractor, JPS Construction as the key to the project’s ultimate success.

One of the pivotal factors that influenced the decision to remain within the region was the harmonious partnership cultivated with the property owners and the City of Solon. This collaboration paved the way for the creation of a cutting-edge manufacturing and office facility, equipped with optimal ceiling heights, robust power infrastructure, essential warehouse loading capabilities, as well as specialized clean room and wet labs. These components are pivotal for companies operating within advanced manufacturing and clean energy sectors, underscoring the region's commitment to technological advancement and sustainable practices.


The implications of this redevelopment extend beyond the physical transformation of spaces. Petra Power's foresight and determination to establish a conducive environment are set to yield tangible economic benefits. With projections of generating 15 to 20 new job opportunities over a span of two years, the initiative is anticipated to inject approximately $2.2 million into the local economy through increased payroll. This not only reflects Petra Power's commitment to growth but also demonstrates how strategic redevelopment efforts can serve as catalysts for community prosperity, amplifying the region's economic landscape while setting a precedent for collaboration-driven success.

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