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real estate development that creates change

cleveland, ohio

No egos. create change. do it right.

We disrupt the traditional perception and mentality of real estate development because we lead each project by defining the positive impact it will have for others. We ask that you dream big with us and help us define the “why” behind your project.  

  • Are you a business or organization that simply needs a building or space to support the production of your product or daily, growing operations?  

  • Do you have a larger social or economic impact goal to make a difference in your community?  

  • What kind of financial returns are you seeking?


The path to transformative change

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We Do Things Differently

We lead each project with unwavering integrity and build trust among all stakeholders to work toward an impactful goal. Tipping Point is a movement to reach innovations that solve the most challenging real estate circumstances. 

$ 500 MM

of capital allocated to real estate projects. 

75 +

projects completed by partners.

100 %

success rate in securing private lenders / capital toward projects.


states with completed projects.

$ 63 MM

secured in economic development initiative for projects in the last 12 months.

2,000,000 +

square feet in high impact projects executed.

Witness the Impact: Unveiling Our Project Stories


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Cities / Municipalities / Community Development Corporations

As an economic developer, we know that you already have invested ample time and financial resources into visions and plans for your communities. As a result of recent economic stimulus incentives, we also know that municipalities have the best chances to spark meaningful change in their communities by 2026.


We would love to work with you to execute THE project that will spark a true transformation in a neighborhood or underserved part of town. The first high-impact project is the hardest because it takes patience, finding the right investor who aligns with your vision, and the proper capital structuring to kick-start its momentum.


Projects can often face local pessimism due to past failures or inaction. Trust and intense collaboration must be established in order to make catalytic transformation a reality, and we love doing it.


Small Businesses / Corporations

If your business’ future success is dependent on owning or leasing property, we will work with you to identify the role real estate can play in helping you achieve your company goals. There are several properties, deal structures, and paths we will explore with you to position you for success.

Conceptual Renderings-BRITE_Presentation Pit Concept.png


Non-Profits / Foundations / Higher Education

As an organization that aims to fulfill an incredibly important mission, real estate can often interfere with the limited time and operational budgets you work with. We offload the pressure and stress real estate development can cause, and give you more time to focus on your organization’s mission!


Owners + Investors 

If you are a first-time commercial real estate investor that has no idea where to begin, we have the patience to teach as long as you are willing to learn. We empower you to make the best decisions on how to move your project forward.


If you are an experienced investor with an existing portfolio, we can help you expand it by matching you with optimal development opportunities. We also serve as additional horse-power if your current team is beyond capacity.


The Change Maker Hub

Wheeling Gateway Center

The future of the Wheeling Gateway Center is in the public's hands. The partners behind the project are seeking public opinion for the building's uses and design. 

Gateway Center (Almost Heaven) (4).jpg

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